We are a young and flourishing company, dedicated to the industry of machinery and various stone equipment; that began operations in 2005, in the Preventive and Corrective Maintenance of machinery of the Stone Industry, as well as the commercialization of used machinery; remodeling and potentiation of equipment and systems used in said industry; for the beginning of 2015 to develop our first Bridge Cutter, developed from the structural part to the electrical, electronic part, in its entirety of the AAA MACHINERY Model 2015 machine.
Over the years we have had agreements and support different American, European and Asian companies. Being able to learn from all of them their various Techniques. Methods and Procedures in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the different technologies. As well as the different machines involved in the production process of the stone industry and the like.
All this experience has led us to generate a group of machines that are very well compensated, very exact, very well balanced, with very good technology, very simple to operate and for all production levels and long lasting and resistant to heavy work.